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Ali Jackson

well hello there

Ali Jackson

I'm ali jackson

I’m a 30-something dating & relationship coach living in NYC who’s been there, in the trenches, looking for her person. I’ve learned to own my needs, embrace my feelings, and communicate both directly. This work has helped me broaden my definition of success and get me closer to my love goals – and I’m helping you do the same! 

My text scripts have been accessed over 130,000 times

30% of my clients come from therapist referrals

I’ve completed over 100 Profile Reviews/Reboots

my dating philosophy

I believe that we should approach our love goals like any other ambition in our lives: actively.

Love is the only aspiration in our lives where we’re encouraged to sit back and let it come to us. The FMH coaching approach flips that on its head by teaching you to own your needs and express your boundaries in ways that make them more likely to be met.  

Growth, learning, & self work can happen while dating and I encourage that. It doesn’t have to be an either or dilemma, where you feel like you need to wait until you are “ready.”

My actionable programs are built with your unique love goals in mind, covering everything from your dating app profile to early dating anxiety to relationship communication – all while keeping YOU front and center.

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