want grab-and-go text scripts for all your dating dilemmas? sign up! 👉

want grab-and-go text scripts for all your dating dilemmas? sign up! 👇

welcome to

the link

8 wk group coaching for dating because

friends don’t let friends swipe alone

fall 2023 program is sold out!

welcome to

the link

8 wk group coaching for dating because

friends don’t let friends swipe alone

the fall 2023 program is sold out!

what is it?

A virtual program designed for you to date smarter and be connected to people who get it.

how it works

  1. Apply now.  

    Duration: 8 Weeks

    Cost: $699

  2. Meet weekly.

    Get matched with a dating coach and five fellow daters. Weekly sessions are designed to help you find the balance between using dating apps as a tool and the human support modern dating lacks – so you’re dating on YOUR terms. 

  3. Date with community.

    During the program, you will have access to our members only platform for dating stories and dating advice. This is the place that’s always here for you to debrief your next date.

topics covered in 8 weeks

DATING ROOTS: Get grounded and experience dating with a community. Dating is better together. As humans, we need community to thrive. The Link provides that community while helping you come ready, without expectations.

DATING PRESENCE: Learn how to show up in person and online as your whole self. Does your profile reflect your authentic self? And, is that authentic self confidently showing up on dates? The Link leverages dating app best practices to find that sweet spot between authenticity and appeal.

SPOTLIGHT COACHING: Get feedback on your presence from the group. This is individualized experience while still in the group coaching environment. Each community member will receive individual feedback from your coach and get the opportunity to hear feedback given to others. 

DATING TO DATE: Shape your dating mindset and dating values. Are you having fun while dating? No really, are you? If you’re not enjoying dating, then it’s tough to expect positive outcomes from it. The Link will guide you towards a dating mindset that drives long-term joy.

SEARCH AND FILTER: Know how to search and filter for your values. We need to seek out and filter through dating prospects in a way that serves our values. In The Link, you’ll get clear on what those are for you so you get to searching for them.    

SWIPE ALONG: Learn how to swipe intentionally. Idle swiping isn’t doing anyone any favors, and oftentimes we can’t see ourselves when we’re doing it. The Link will swipe along with you to center your core values and end up on aligned dates.

REFINE AND REPEAT (WHEN READY): Know what’s working, how to improve, and when to recharge. Improving the way you feel about dating (and therefore your results!) is an iterative process. The Link will teach you how to refine as you go, making progress while dating, and also when turning the volume down on dating might make sense.  

bonus (also included)

*DATING SCIENCE – Three deep dives with a behavioral scientist on how to date better.  

*1X1 COACHING – One 60 min or two 30 min 1×1 coaching sessions.

*COMMUNITY PLATFORM – Access to a vetted online community dedicated to dating and relationships.

*DATE DEBRIEFS – A trusted community member to debrief with after dates. 

our why

meet the team

Ali jackson | coach

Ali is a dating and relationship coach who has helped over 130K daters on their dating journey as the founder of @findingmrheight. She is quoted in The NYTimes, Elite Daily, and The Cut as the go-to resource for dating. She’s also partnered with Tinder, Hinge, and Bumble. As a coach, she helps clients own their dating experience from improving profiles to feeling confident and enjoying dating. Now, Ali is expanding into group coaching to scale what works. Ali earned her B.S. at University of Pennsylvania.

Simran dua | coach

Simran started her coaching career as a public speaking coach in 2013. She expanded from coaching startup founders to leaders at Fortune 100 companies. While coaching, clients often asked how to use public speaking techniques while dating. Simran launched her first dating coaching program in 2020 and soon expanded to relationship coaching. She has coached hundreds of people at all stages of their career, dating and relationship journeys. Simran earned her B.S. at New York University and her M.B.A. at Yale University.

rebecca donald | customer insights

Rebecca Donald started coaching by way of athletics where she captained high-school rowing, swimming, and lacrosse teams and coached rowing and fitness programs in college and beyond. Much of Rebecca’s career is informed by her decade-long rowing career where she applies the same principles of teamwork, communication, and leadership. Rebecca is a fierce champion of people, thrives on building strong relationships, and possesses deep customer empathy. Rebecca earned her B.A. at University of Pennsylvania.

amanda shallcross | behavorial scientist

Dr. Amanda Shallcross is a board certified integrative medicine physician and behavioral scientist. Her research focuses on emotion regulation, mindfulness, depression, and mind-body interventions to prevent and treat stress-related chronic diseases. Dr. Shallcross earned her Bachelor’s at Whittier College, her Doctorate at National University of Natural Medicine, and her Master’s Degree in Public Health at University of Colorado Denver.

frequently asked questions

It is a virtual 8 week program designed for you to date smarter and be connected to people who get it. Each week you meet with five other daters and a dating coach who all know the dating app experience. Through the program you learn how to date so it serves you while also building community.

We spoke to 100+ singles and learned that the hardest part of dating is that it’s lonely. Dating today lacks a space to talk about it on your own terms.

The Link is that reliable space to process your dating experience with a community that gets it.

We are focused on fostering a community dedicated to finding and building relationships that serve you both during and after the program.

The cost is $699 for an 8wk program. It includes weekly sessions for group coaching, 60 minutes of 1×1 coaching, access to an exclusive community platform both during and after the program, and research deep dives with our behavioral scientist.

We select candidates we are confident we can serve. When the groups fill up, we save your applications and make sure you’re the first to know when the next group opens.

We are accepting applications now! We will inform everyone admitted to The Link by October 2023.

It starts October 16. It will be a virtual program held during evening hours (ET).

The first week’s session is two hours, and all remaining weeks are 90 minutes sessions each.