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do you wish you had a group of women to travel with? i’ve been there! that’s why i host group trips where like-minded women form community and experience a once-in-a-lifetime trip. check out my prior and upcoming trips below! if the next trip is sold out, you can join the waitlist to find out if spots open up and be the first to know about the next one. 

it’s a summer weekend getaway to mexico city! join the waitlist here. 

i’m heading to portugal for a mother/daughter trip with erica! we’ll spend a few days exploring Lisbon then head down the coast to the Algarve. get your tickets here.

i’ve always wanted to explore the christmas markets in europe! we’ll start in berlin & end in prague, finding magic along the way. be notified when the trip launches. 

we’re heading to costa rica for 6 days of waterfall hikes, hot springs, ziplining, and more. this trip is sold out but i hope to see you on a future one!

8 days in santorini, naxos, & amorgos! check out my map of destinations here.

i’ve traveled to some amazing places (and i like to think i’m pretty good at planning those travels). 

here, you’ll find the interactive maps i make of each place i visit as well as guides to what i did while there

destinations with maps

my greece map includes santorini, naxos, amorgos, and a bit of athens. 

i have maps for rome, tuscany, and the amalfi coast

i took a 5-day trip to cartagena, colombia and made a map of everything we did

i went on an amazing 3-day bachelorette party in nashville and mapped out everything we did

i spent three nights in las vegas (mostly eating) and mapped things out here

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